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Out of the Blues is an affiliate, Dubai based non-profit support group and a forum for mums suffering post natal illness(PNI), it is open to any mother in need of support.
We offer an online forum, email and website for support and information. We are mums who have experienced PNI (also called post natal depression) and together we are determined to help all the other mums in the GCC suffering from PNI in their "hour of need". You do not need to suffer alone.

We were very lucky to have found one another and helped each other survive through our darkest days. Now, we can be there for you.

Post natal illness is a recognised and treatable condition which affects approximately one in ten mothers. It can affect any mother, regardless of nationality, and can begin as soon as your baby is born, though is not often recognised until later on.

Symptoms of PNI vary from person to person but can include feeling sad, anxious and unable to look forward to anything. You may find you feel no joy in being a mother, lack all motivation and experience extreme tiredness. Some mothers describe having a 'foggy' or 'woolly' head and how they feel quite different to how they did before.

Obviously, many new mothers feel extremely tired but when combined with other distressing symptoms, this could point to PNI. Feeling highly anxious may lead to panic attacks which are very common and can be very frightening.

If you think you could be suffering with PNI, please join our closed online forum, share your thoughts, worries or stories and we will reply to you within 24 hours, guaranteed. To access the Facebook group, please click here. 

There are very few support services here in the Gulf for PNI sufferers and many family and friends don't understand it. Even if we are not sufferers ourselves, we need to be vigilant and keep an eye on our girlfriends who have recently had babies. We understand! We have all experienced PNI in our own way. But we came through it, are stronger for it and are determined not to let you suffer alone.

To contact your Muscat Mums out of the Blues coordinator please contact Sharee Hendry on outofthebluesmuscat@gmail.com

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