Terms and Conditions

Muscat Mums is a social group based on friendship and a mutual need for support. As such we are not a corporate entity and can not be held accountable for any accidents or injuries that occur during our events. As parent or guardian you are at all times responsible for the behaviour and well being of your child or children and must supervise your child or children at all times. The host, the event organisers and Muscat Mums do not accept responsibility for supervising your child or children at the event. Nannies are not allowed to accompany children, it must be their parent or legal guardian. For the safety of younger children, we ask that older siblings not attend younger groups. Younger siblings may attend older groups at their own risk. If you consider the event or the venue of the event unsafe, you must notify the host or event organisers and leave. 

Please note that by registering for our events you agree that, whilst every effort has been given for the safety of children at the event, the host, the event organisers and Muscat Mums cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur to your child or children at the event.

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