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Large Toy Library 

This library is open to Muscat Mums Paid Members Only.

Our bouncy castles are a perfect addition to birthday parties!

To join the Large Toy Library you must fill out a library form and pay a refundable deposit of 20 OMR each time you borrow an item. To make a reservation please have a look at the catalog and email the coordinator with your choice and the required date. You are responsible for pickup and return and a normal rental period is three days. All items must be returned clean and in good working order or the deposit may be withheld. 

If you are hosting a Muscat Mums event, such as Scallywags or Cheeky Monkeys, you may borrow an item from the Large Toy Library for free, you will however still be responsible for paying the refundable deposit. 

Please email the coordinator to make a reservation at largetoylibrary@muscatmums.com

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