Meet our Team

Muscat Mums is run entirely by volunteers and many of them take up more than one role within the organisation.  Here is a short introduction by each coordinator to give you an idea of their background and experience at Muscat Mums. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the roles, please do let us know as there are always opportunities coming up as mums move country or their children grow up. 

Co-Chair and Business Partner Coordinator

Hi! My name is Sumaiya Khalil and I’m excited to be the chair of Muscat Mums. I’m originally from India, married to an Omani and Muscat has been home for 5 years. I’m a mum to my two lovely boys, Ibrahim and Sulaiman (Ages 2 and 1), and I love that MM gives us a sense of community in this wild journey of motherhood! I joined MM to meet other mums and I am constantly amazed by how much the group has to offer. I hope that I, along with all the coordinators, can create meaningful partnerships with local businesses and have some exciting events that all our members can look forward to.

Co-Chair and Event Coordinator

My name is Archia and I am from The Netherlands. I have recently come on board as Co-Chair while also helping out as one of the event coordinators . I have been in Oman since 2012 and love calling it home. My Muscat friends are more like family now. I have twins boys (18 months old) Essa and Musa and they are the reason I joined Muscat Mums.

We are looking forward to making more friends and memories. I am super excited to be part of the Muscat Mums team as I have always loved planning and executing events and make a big deal out of every occasion.

Finance Officer and Website/Social Media Coordinator

Hello, I'm Ellie and we hail from the UK. I moved to Muscat 3.5 years ago with my husband and daughter, Emma, who is 5. In that time, we've had a new addition to the family, Teddy, who is now 1. Muscat Mums has been an invaluable support to me from the get-go. I have met so many lovely people through the playgroups, social events and also being a part of the committee and volunteering behind the scenes!

I've volunteered for various roles on the committee throughout my time in Muscat, from Chair to social media coordinator and I'm now looking forward to seeing how we can utilise our funds to ensure our members get the most from their membership.

Bumps and Babes Coordinator

Hi! I'm Rudainah, the bumps and babes coordinator. I'm a mother of two girls Yasmeen, 6 years old and Camellia a newborn. I have joined Muscat Mums since 2016 and never left. I became a MM coordinator in 2021 and I enjoy planning playdates where kids get to play and mothers sit together and share our experiences.

I'm looking forward meeting new mums and new babies soon.

Cheeky Monkeys and Large Toy Library Coordinator

Hi I’m Naveen and I’m a new mom. I had my daughter in September 2020, which was also when I decided to be come a stay at home mom. Before having Aya, I was a nursery teacher.
I joined Muscat Moms in January 2021, in hopes of meeting new people and stepping out of my comfort zone. I was the business partner coordinator and am so excited to now take over as coordinator for Scallywags group. I look forward to meeting everyone. 

Cheeky Monkeys Coordinator

Hi! My name is Liz, one of the Coordinators for the Cheeky Monkeys age group. I was born in Canada and moved to England in 2012 to be with my boyfriend at the time. We married in 2015 and I gave birth to your wonderful babies in 2018 and 2020. I'm a registered social worker in England specialising in adult mental health services, currently not practicing, and I've been a Chief Home Officer since the birth of my son 3 years ago   . We moved to Muscat almost 2 years ago, but I only joined Muscat Mums 8 months ago. I've been pretty active in the group hence I accepted to volunteer as a Coordinator in January 2023. We are grateful for our time in Oman, and I believe that my life experiences have brought me to where I am meant to be today. Looking forward to meeting you all and I hope that Muscat Mums can bring you whatever it is you are seeking! 

Book Library Coordinator

Hi - my name is Laleh, mum of an amazing 4 y/o daughter named Sharan. I am a physiotherapist and moved to Oman from Iran in 2019. Since I joined Muscat Mums, I started to know a lot of lovely people and in a short time I felt like home - knowing people I can count on and have fun with. I love Oman because of its peaceful atmosphere and so many beautiful places you can explore. My hobbies are cooking, baking, music and singing. I found peace in them. I believe the whole point of life is about listening, understanding and feel each other’s music and the energy comes from us. Only in this way we can be less judgmental and more at peace with ourself and others. Looking forward to see you all and make great memories.

Book Library Coordinator

Hi, I am Hetvi the coordinator of the Book Library for Muscat Mums. I am originally from Mumbai, India. I moved to Muscat in January 2013 after my marriage.

I am a commercial artist and was working with an advertising agency in India. Currently taking up freelance graphic designing work. I love art and craft & also enjoy my time in kitchen when it comes to baking.

Toy Library Coordinator

Hello! My name is Denise and I co-coordinate the Toy Library with Jenny! Though I am Chinese-Filipino, I spent the majority of my childhood in Japan and most of my adulthood in the USA. I moved to Sohar in 2016 to teach in Al Batinah International School as a Learning Support teacher. In 2018 I moved to Muscat to join my husband and had Noah and became a full-time mommy. We have been very fortunate to have lots of support through my husband’s family who have been in Oman for a very long time. They have allowed us to continue saving the world through Pandemic or conquering the lands of Catan, some of our favorite board games. I also enjoy eating out or making a mess in the kitchen. I look forward to meeting you all!

Toy Library Coordinator

Howdy! I'm Jenny and I and am very happy to be able to help out in this terrific service. Our goal is to provide MMs a way to help enrich, entertain, and most of all, distract their little ones through the magic of new-to-them toys. I am mom to a very spirited toddler named River and a newborn named Zoe, who was delivered here. We’ve been in Muscat since September 2018 and I’ve been a MM member since October 2018. I am Vietnamese-American, born and raised in Houston, TX and have a background in Architecture. I appreciate the creative arts, and love cooking and trying new recipes, so please let me know if you have any great ones! I also love traveling with my family but we’re still learning (through trial and error) how to do it seamlessly. I look forward to supporting Muscat Mums and this wonderful community! Hope to meet you soon.

Baby Gear Library and Muscateers Coordinator

Hi , I’m Annie from Mongolia mother of 3 beautiful boys. My older son is 9 and twins are 3 years old. We moved here in 2009 and I’ve joined MM’s in 2011 when I was pregnant with first one. it’s been over 10 years now and I love to meet new people and love parties! My kids have the same love of parties, play dates & camping. Oman is home for us, we love this country so much.

Great to be part of the team now. I’m coordinator of the baby gear library.

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